Unclaimed monies by Pietie Mouton

Providing services and assistance with regards to the tracing of heirs and the investigation of complicated late estate matters since 1990

About Us

I am a private person who started doing tracing of bad debtors during the late 1980's. Since 1992, when I became aware of unclaimed monies held by the State, employers, pension funds, etc., I started to trace unknown and absent heirs in deceased estates and whoever are "holders of unclaimed money". I have the necessary knowledge of the claiming processes to be followed, in order to execute a claim, of the most holders of unclaimed money. I also have the contact detail for most of the holders of unclaimed money throughout South Africa. To investigate into matters and getting  positive results, is one of my challenges.

Contact Us

Email: pietmouton@vodamail.co.za
Phone: +27 (021) 8733651
Fax: +27 (021) 8733651
Mobile: 079 346 1343
45 Rudolph St.
South Africa